Documenting Life, Documenting Love

Every year I have the honor of working with my friend, Bridgette. She lets me know months in advance that she wants an anniversary or family shoot. 

She makes me wait. Months of waiting for the shoot. Sometimes seasons! 

You see, I am happy to wait because I love to work with her and her sweet family. They make me laugh. They push me to my creative limits with their height (what tall boys!). 

I love the way Bridgette's husband looks at her. 

And the best part is her smile.

In fact, I know deep down that I should probably pay her to take photos of her, instead of the other way around.

This year I asked Bridgette to come to The Holler House to take some lovey pictures of her and her man. He is a shy guy, so this is as open as he wanted to get in front of the camera. 

I loved every second of this shoot. What a treat to watch this family grow together over time.

Family session pics will be posted separately (because I have to drool over Bridgette a bit longer.)