Figuring Out Life

When my friend asked me to shoot her family portraits, I was excited. I just didn't know (nobody knew) that she would be diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks after mentioning the idea of a family shoot. 

After her diagnosis, we hurried to get her on the calendar. This turned in to very serious session, not only for her but for her girls. 

This was the last celebration together before the big surgery. 

This was the last nursing for her youngest child. The baby years had come to a close. The next chapter in childhood was about to begin.

I watched, while looking through my lens, a teenager comfort her mother as she looked her straight in the face and said nothing. She just held her. There were no words needed to show her support.  

I watched a mother say goodbye to the baby years knowing that her body would no longer supply nutrients to her daughter. 

I saw three lovely females be still and breath each other in; all so different yet all the same. 

This shoot changed my way of seeing things. We only get what we get and then it is gone. 

Love deeply. Love fully. Be loved.

If you need a family shoot and don't think you have the means to make it happen, write to me. We can make it happen. It’s important. Don't let time pass you by.