What does an "In-Home Family Session" look like?

In-Home Photo Sessions are where it is at. I say this as a photographer who loves to document real life and real things. I love to get immersed in my clients’ actual yard, pets, playground and home… rather than dressing the kids up to go somewhere pretty but unfamiliar, with everyone posed on a blanket smiling at the camera.

Here’s the difference

It is so sweet to walk into a play area and see what little hands are touching during the day and capture that in pictures.

Plus, my clients love the idea of planning a flexible schedule to make sure we work together after nap and meal times. 

I tend to set all of my shoots for about an hour. That gives us enough time to play, to change outfits and take little people for potty breaks. More than an hour and everyone is exhausted from all the interaction with the camera. Less than an hour and we miss a hug or a kiss.

Here’s what an hour with this Jennifer and Phillip’s family meant: Porch with family and dogs, tent play in living room, kids in the playroom, plus reading, playground, sprinklers. That was the plan. We mixed the order around with a storm approaching but were able to catch it all.

I was totally in love with the session. Dogs were stubborn, parents comforted each other, the toddler guided the session (or so he thought). But, everyone was happy in the end. Especially me! 

There is nothing like ending a session in the sprinklers shooting Dad doing handstands to entertain the family. 

Life is delightful. Delight in it!