How much do you charge?

We don’t post our complete pricing online, because we want to make sure we understand your vision in order to help guide you though the booking process. Most of our wedding clients spend somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000 for a typical wedding. Some spend more and some less. We can work with a lot of budgets, so please don’t let your budget keep you from reaching out.

Do you travel?

Yes! We love to travel and shoot in a variety of places. Most of our weddings are in the Appalachian region, but we love to shoot all over. Our travel fees vary by location.

How many pictures do we get?

It all depends on the day. We don’t guarantee a specific number, but typically we deliver between 70 and 100 per hour of coverage. We don’t deliver every image we take. We believe less is more, so we only deliver images that meet our standards. It usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks to deliver the final images.

How do you edit our pictures?

All of our images are professionally edited before delivery. Editing usually involves color correction, exposure adjustments, and cropping. Retouching or heavy photoshop work is available for an additional charge. Most of our clients are perfectly happy with the non-photoshopped images.

How do we get our pictures?

When your pictures are ready, we’ll email you a link to a beautiful online gallery of your images where you can download, share, and purchase prints. You can share your gallery with your friends and family. They can also download and purchase prints.

Can we get an album?

Absolutely! We want you to get an album! Albums are the best way to commemorate and relive your wedding. Its a distilled version of the best moments that makes it easy to share with your family. They are heirloom quality, so you’ll be able to share them with your kids and grand kids someday. An album is included with our top package but can also be added to any package.

Do we get a print release?

All our packages come with a print release which allows you to take your images to any printer you want to have copies printed for personal use. We use high quality printers and highly recommend you use the online gallery to order prints if you want prints that stand the test of time. We don’t restrict you to our printers though.

What gear do you use?

We are Fuji freaks! We love the colors and the quality of the images our Fuji cameras and lenses produce. They’re also smaller and less obtrusive. They just fit our style of shooting. BUT… whatever wedding photographer you go with, we hope that you make that choice based on the quality of the work and not the gear. A great photographer can make a great image with any camera! Gear only gets you so far.

Do you do video?

We don’t do video at the moment, but we know a lot of people in the industry and would be happy to help you find a videographer that meets your needs.

How do we book?

First we want to meet you! Use the contact form to send us an email, and we’ll set up a time to talk. Once you’re ready to book, we’ll ask you to sign our standard contract and provide your deposit. We need both to secure your date.