Waterfalls and Wedding Dresses

Remembering my time with photographer friends at a workshop in Fall Creek Falls State Park. I love the camera. I love nature and my wedding dress. It represents everything I am about. Thrifting, amazing finds and friends. It represents my new life with this man who amazes me every day. It reminds me that starting over can be the best thing you do, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Chad Erickson and I are merging our photography business. We are about to change names, rebrand and join, yet again, once in marriage and now in business. There is no one I would rather be with, shoot with or love.

Photo credits to the amazing Thais Fry, out of Chicago, IL and my lover, Chad Erickson, who lives in our house in Murphy, NC (hubba hubba) Barbara Oliveira, out of DC/Baltimore area, and Emma Parker, from Ohio.