The Perfect Family Reunion

I don't have a lot to say about family reunions. They are wonderful. They are hard. They are so very important, especially for the grandparents and those grandbabies. Planning time to shoot photos of the group takes planning and time away from activities for the kids. But it’s so very worth it!

When I shoot reunions, I always get asked the outfits question. "What should we wear?" 

Well, look at this sweet family and take notes! Everyone is wearing flattering clothes and even though it is late Spring, we see layers. 

It’s such nice blend of colors that it makes me think a mastermind went out and shopped for everyone. Not true. Tones were simply encouraged, and a casual feel was implied. And boy, does it look great.

I always try to get a combination of shots when shooting families. The standard group shot with everyone smiling is the favorite for the grand-mommas. Everyone is behaving for a little while and looking very content. 

My personal favorites are the ones where nobody is looking at the camera but instead, they are interacting with each other. Maybe someone just got tickled or made a stupid noise when they laughed. That is when the natural stuff happens and that is what makes me the happiest.  

Man, I love this life! Especially when I am behind my lens, watching families reunite.