An Impromptu Moment with Ryan Muirhead

I brush shoulders with some pretty amazing photographers/artists. The ones that I totally connect with and stay in touch with are the ones who are just themselves. Barbara in her sweatpants. Brooke at the tea house. Emma behind a yellow Hasselblad. Shannon cuddling with Andrew at the base of a tree, telling stories. Thais all ears and open heart.

These people change my life. They push me. I am grateful.

Brooke is married to Michael. They come to the mountains and open their book of tricks, share every bit of everything and leave me encouraged. Mark actually responds to questions and answers it wholeheartedly. Alicia looks at my work and tells me she sees my heart. Twyla comments on my posts. These amazing photographers. These real people. They have let me in and see me too.

I don’t know Ryan more than the few minutes he snapped a roll of film, mostly of my Gates. But I am thankful. I am thankful for these memories. I am thankful to give so many documented moments to friends and clients. I feel important. I am doing important work. I am important.

I am deeply grateful for my husband, my lover (that is what I like to call him on social media, in hopes that my mom is reading……and his mom!!!) , my mentor- Chad. He does amazing work. He slaves over the edit. Sun up to sun down. He is why this whole thing is happening and functioning so very well. I school the sweet offspring and he edits our weddings from the weekends. He designs the websites and keeps the money organized. I like him more and more every day. He is why I am in love with my art! Everything he does allows me to do everything I love, which is shoot and raise these little people (and thrift shop!) (and cook.) (and build stuff.)

Photos of Ryan taken from his website. Black and white of me with bar of light taken by Barbara O (film). All the others are taken by Ryan Muirhead (film).