Talented, Talented Friends

The act of creating beautiful photos means so much to me. And living in a community surrounded by art and beauty brings out the best in me. 

Recently, I was hiking to Panther Top, a local mountain, with two close friends. There, we met a sweet family that has a vacation house in our community. 

The lady said how much she loves it here and how inspired when she visits this place. The air, the freedom to be who you are, and the slower pace of life let her completely express herself in her art.

I think of friends who create and I stand in awe. They are regular people who create unreal work. Meet Allison Haigler, owner of Pelagic Art.  Allison creates one-of-a-kind, handmade books and journals. She is also an amazing teacher. 

I can't wait to make a leather journal using Allison’s lessons and place my family pictures in it. A hippy journal that will stand the test of time.

What kinds of things are on your creative bucket list?

What is your favorite medium to work with?

And what will creating them mean to you?