Tiny Wedding

Anything "tiny" is cool right now. Tiny car. Tiny house. Tiny cakes. Tiny spending... now we’re talking!

When I met my husband, he lived in a van. He had just sold his tiny house and was slimming down his life. He was about to leave North Carolina and head out west to live the simple life. I was captivated. Not enough to live in a van with three kids, but to enjoy simplicity more!

Fast forward a couple years. We have a beautiful (modest but not tiny) home we live in, work in and homeschool in. 

We also have a tiny house on our property that is our  photography studio and doubles as a rental for guests that are traveling to our lovely mountains. We rent it through Airbnb, HipCamp, GlampingHub.com and Booking.com. We call it The Holler House.

When we considered the possibility of hosting tiny weddings or an elopement at The Holler House, it just fit. 

Everything about it fits. 

Tiny crowd, Tiny budget, Tiny plans. Big Rewards. 

Plus as photographers, we are right there to capture it all.

We couldn't be happier with our first Tiny Wedding. Pizza was served for the meal. The mother of the bride decorated the cake while the bride was getting her hair and makeup ready. Whimpsy Flower Farm provided all the flowers, which the bride and groom went and picked the night before. 

Just dreamy.

Shaun and Naava, the groom and bride, were a perfect match for The Holler House. 

Family arrived and hung out while the bride finished getting ready. Everyone gathered in front of the on-site teepee and the ceremony began.  

Naava's mother walked her out the door of The Holler House and down the aisle to her sweet groom.  The crowd enjoyed the lights and the music as the evening continued. The wedding was simply beautiful. Naava made her dress and I can't get enough of it! 

The setting was amazing with the forest surrounding us. The reception was elegant with a collection of vintage china and glassware. The lights of the candles and the party lights made it easy to kick back and enjoy the celebration where the bride and groom danced to Irish music on the porch.

Sometimes tiny things are big things, just made simple.

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