Learning to Family

I still hear the boys talking downstairs about their book (if you want to call a graphic novel a book) and clicking their slap bracelet on each other's wrist. They are having a slumber party in the downstairs common area in front of the wood burner. I couldn't resist going down in the dark and snapping a few of these precious moments. I think that all the kids might become "readers" in spite of me. I am grateful.

Gates is soaking up a new book. She didn't even know I came in to take a few of her as well.

I hesitate to share how much I love homeschooling sometimes for fear of others feeling like they can't or that they would not measure up but I have to tell you.....I love it. It is so hard. It is so rewarding. It forces me to be someone I don't want to be all the time. I sometimes have to pull from the depths and try to keep my cool just to ask the question in another way just hoping that a light bulb will glow. Even glow a little. Other times, I see the children learning, sharing and loving so much that I can't believe they are mine. 

This semester we are focusing on three things: receiving, giving and honoring. In that order, we are memorizing scripture of love and covenants, everyone is reading to Bryant every day by themselves to have special time with him, and we are running about a mile every day. We being the kids. I do get out there but never make it a mile.

What's that something special that you are thinking of sharing with me? I wish you would.

Random thoughts to end. I think I have booked two weddings this week. 2018 is going to be rad. We are making headway on the Airbnb/studio. The whole family insulated the ceiling and some of the walls. We are so excited about this place and all the coolness it is going to bring. And we made Karah Thomspon's spring rolls and every bite made me love living (especially the desert ones with peanuts, frozen strawberries and apples slices.) Dead.