Let's talk money, shall we? I have posted my pricing here to help you get all the information quickly, at your fingertips, but I don't want it to frighten you away either! So don't leave just yet. 

Weddings are to be remembered with photos. It is that simple. The dress will not be worn again and the cake never tastes as good a year later coming out of the freezer. But your albums and your images will be cherished and enjoyed every, single, day. (That is, assuming you print them or get an album.)

I stare at our wedding images that are framed above our couch. I just love looking at them.

So if you see a package you like, great. If you are thinking along another price point, just ask and I will customize something for your day.

Most clients pay though PayPal or send a check in the mail and also send the contract signed when they book. We can talk about that more later.

I do have special pricing for Elopements, so contact me about that too if you and your honey are thinking of hitting the road and getting hitched but want to skip the guest list! I will even be a witness.  



2018 Wedding Collections

All Collections come with an Online Gallery Delivery with Printing License

Ultimate Wedding Collection - $4,500 Designed for the client who wants everything covered.

10 hours of Coverage on the Wedding Day

Day One Session

Second Photographer on the Wedding Day

10x10 Album with 20 Spreads

Parent Album and additional spreads available (see below)



Full Wedding Collection - $3,000 Designed for the client who has a full wedding party. 

8 hours of coverage

Second Photographer

Albums available (see below)


“The Hourly” Wedding Collection - $500 per hour Designed for the client who builds their own collection

Minimum 3 hours of coverage

Second or Third Photographer add on per day- $500

Family Heirloom Albums

These albums will help you hold close to your memories and pass them down through the generations to come. Customized, to tell your story. Lego men not included.

8x8 Leather Album $800

10x10 Leather Album $1,000

8x8 Duplicate Parent Album $450

5x5 Duplicate Parent Album $350

Album comes with 20 spreads- additional add on $20 per spread