senior shoot

Katie is just Katie - Class of 2018

Let me just talk in Emilie speak here. Shooting senior sessions fills my love tank. This year I have a pile of senior sessions in the Fall. I am not sure why. I am not sure if it is because I finally learned how to use Instagram. Last year I had zero. Not one senior. This year, my schedule is almost full. It is strange to say that. I like to say that.

I have a fresh outlook finally. A more artistic outlook than before. I am not scared of light like I was in the past. I am more confident in my settings and lenses on my camera. I have an ease with the camera that has not been there before so I am freed up to find my light, find my art and know my subjects more intimately. I have waited a long time for that feeling; trying to keep patient and persistent. I am grateful to my husband and teacher of all things good about photography and camera talk, Chad Erickson (yum yum). I am grateful for a recent photography workshop that sponsored me on a partial scholarship called Photo Rehab. My knowledge grew and my outlook on my business widened. Thank you, Chadwick Braithwaite, for that (whoop whoop). I am also recently in love with a fellow photographer's work. Her name is Brooke. She and her husband have a sweet business up north (Michigan) and produce the most amazing senior photography that I have ever seen. Really, it is art. Pure and simple. Makes me want to be a senior again (all heart eyes Brooke!).

Pictures that follow are of a Lo-Cal(that is an exaggerated way to say local) girl whose heart is wide, smile is contagious and can hold her own in a bubble bath shoot. This Murphy High School Senior set the bar.

Let's make art people. The time is right. The children are getting older. The weight doesn't matter to anyone else. You are what is important. They think you are important. So do I.

I am still booking a handful of Seniors during the Fall season if it is NOT a Saturday! Weddings love the leaves. So shoot me a message.