Nick and Victoria- McGuire Millrace Farms - Murphy, NC

I met Nick and Victoria on the dance floor at John C. Campbell Folk School in the middle of a community contra dance about 4 years ago. My son, Liam, told me that he really liked the girl with the gloves. It was Victoria. She was so gracious with my children with her soft smile and her amazing dance moves. I enjoyed watching Nick lead this beauty on the floor. 

Their story starts off with a glance at a gas station (fast forward a week), a bonfire, and a dog bite on Victoria's foot. Thank goodness it was Nick's dog!

It's a happy ever after story.

Hair: Misty Kelischek Hairstylist, Make-Up Artist & Bridal Beauty Expert

Flowers: Occasions Unlimited Florist

Wedding Venue: McGuire Millrace Farms