Local Appalachian Mountain Jeweler- J.Mills Studio

The creativity here in our mountains is crazy impressive. The talent is as large as our forests.

When I moved to Appalachia in 2000, my prejudice was pretty strong. I told my Florida dentist that I would be back every six months for a cleaning. I was sure that there were no real dentists in the mountains that I would let in my mouth. I kept this trek down to my home town for a few years, then my eyes were opened. I realized that there was actually a local dentist that had an amazing staff, highly qualified and the technology in that office pretty much blew my mind. I collected my dental history from my beloved childhood dentist and gave my business (and trust) to a Murphy dentist. I was in good hands. AND I was at home.

There is a big push to “BUY LOCAL” and support “SMALL BUSINESS”. I am all about it. I am all about the relationship with these locals, the name with the face, the promise of a town that thrives and supports itself.

J.Mills Studio is literally in downtown Murphy, North Carolina. Juli is pounding out metal, making art on the second floor of a beautiful historical building on the square. It’s a fairytale really.

It’s a dream so many have- to love where you live, work where you love and actually run your own business. Juli is living the dream, working her butt off while doing it, (don’t get me wrong.)

To make a business work in Appalachia, it takes everyone. It takes partnerships, work ethic and endurance to make a business successful. Juli- I commend you and admire you.